Electro Polishing

Electro Polishing produces a bright shiny surface and enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel fasteners by eliminating embedded surface contaminants which can cause sub-surface corrosion.

The process is so refined that removal of material can be controlled within .0001″ per-surface. The reworked surface has an enhancement of it’s micro-inch measurement. The process de-scales the surface, removing oxides and impurities, and leaves a sterile and passive finish.

When a design requires a metal finish that demands a smoothness that cannot be obtained by mechanical means, electro-polishing is the answer. A surface can generally be improved to approximately one half of the initial surface measurement. Some surfaces can be obtained that become non-participating surfaces, i.e. so smooth, particles cannot be entrapped and adhere to the metal. The micro inch measurement can be taken to the single digit level.

The electro-chemical machining capabilities of electro-polishing gives the designer the assurance that the tolerances of the final machined part can be accomplished. With the capability of controlling surface removal of .0001 inch per surface, most tolerances can be maintained. The deburring of machined components is easily accomplished by electro-polishing since the protrusions are the first attacked, they are burned away to produce a smooth uniform surface.

Key Benefits

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Removes Oxides and impurities
  • Sterile, passive finish
  • Ultra Smooth finish

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