Power Manufacturing, LLC (PWRMFG) – Formally Performance Line Hardware, LLC, is a State of Texas Limited Liability Company and manufacturer of corrosion resistant overhead Transmission & Distribution products. PWRMFG offers a complete line, of cost effective Stainless Steel and Bronze Overhead Transmission & Distribution Products, serving the Power Utility, Telecommunications, Cable Television, Industrial, Chemical Process, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper and Distribution Industries. The products manufactured, are for use in highly corrosive environments, such as island, coastal beach and bay, as well as industrial applications. Applications where salt / salt fog & industrial pollutants or a combination of the two, promote premature failure of standard galvanized or aluminum products.

Assurance of service quality is paramount, as service providers compete in today’s Power Utility and Telecommunications open market place. Between switching centers and sub-stations, stand thousands of utility poles, upon which are installed myriads of hardware items that support the transmission and distribution networks of these industries.

In many instances, given the correct environment, corrosion-induced failures of such hardware, can lead to downed poles or cables. Further the onset of corrosion leads to a development of unsightly surfaces, which can suggest poor part and maintenance quality to the general public. The cost of replacing hardware is a combination of material (relatively inexpensive) and labor (expensive). As service providers strive to find ways to reduce cost while maintaining physical plant, ways to improve reliability of the service of these networks is critical.

The business case for Stainless Steel & Bronze Hardware, reflects that the expected lifetime (indefinite – thousands of years) of these parts, will provide long-term financial cost savings to the service provider for many years to come. A decrease in corrosion induced failures and service downtime, ultimately relates to a tremendous increase of overall profits for the end user.

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