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Power manufacturing heading

Description Catalog No.
Pole Eye Plate PEP-343 3” Stand-Off
Pole Eye Plate PEP-345.5 5” Stand-Off
Quadrant Deadend Clamp BRZ-55DE .55” Diameter Max.
Quadrant Deadend Clamp BRZ-87DE .87” Diameter Max.
Straight Line Deadend Clamp BRZDEC-47 .47” Diameter Max.
Strain Suspension Clamp BRZ-87 .60” Diameter Max.
Strain Suspension Clamp BRZ-87 .87” Diameter Max.
Clevis Eye CE-04 20,000 Lb. Rated
Clevis Eye CE-06 30,000 Lb. Rated
Clevis-Clevis (Off-Set) CCO-30M 30,000 Lb. Rated
Thimble Clevis TC-40M 40,000 Lb. Rated
Lashing Wire Clamp LWC-SB Heavy Duty Clamp


Electrolytic Plasma Technology

Electrolytic Plasma Technology [EPT], is an effective surface engineering tool that combines the cleaning and coating of metals. During EPT processing, DC voltage is applied to the electrides in an aqueous electrolyte, which produces plasma at the surface of the workpiece.

The EPT process uses electricity and benign electrolytes for cleaning, eliminating the need for strong acids. This greatly reduces the cost of the process by reducing/eliminating the need for toxic materials handling, storage, and disposal of these harsh chemicals.

At present, the metal industry offers many options for the cleaning and coating of metals. Listed below are some of the reasons the CAP process should be considered when searching for an alternative to the more conventional methods.



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